UAB Medicine Emergency Department Information Guide Emergency Dept booklet-8.5x11-FOR WEB (1) - Page 5

GLOSSARY OF HELPFUL TERMS While you are in the Emergency Department, you may hear medical terms that are unfamiliar or confusing. Some of the most common ones are explained below: • Arterial blood gas (ABG) – a blood test used to help the health care team measure how well the patient is breathing • Arterial Line (A-line) – a tube placed in an artery, usually in the leg or arm, that measures blood pressure. Blood for lab work can also be obtained from the A-line. • Central venous line – a type of IV placed into a large vein in the neck, chest, or leg by the doctor. It allows fluids/meds/blood products to be given quickly, blood tests/labs to be obtained, and monitoring of the central venous pressure (CVP). • Cervical collar (Aspen collar) – used for neck and head injuries to prevent spinal cord damage • Chest tube – a tube placed into the chest to remove air or ZYH\[H[¸(H[\][H8$ۙ\[ۈYH\X[[\]ܛX[H\ۛH܈Hܝ[YB(H[XX[XH U H8$HXHXY[H[\H XXJHY\H]Y[8&\˜Z\^H[[ݚYHHYX[܈YX[X[[[][ۋ\XH[HXY[H[] U H܈[HH U KH]Y[[HXH[X] ܈[[[U\[XK(H^H]]\8$HXH]Z[\[B(Hܘ[ ۘ\[\XX\  ӑ H8$\Y[[ݙHZY[\HHXXœ][Z][ˈ\HX\X^H[H\Y܈XHYY[[][YYX][ۜ˂(HY[]\][ۈ ̈] H8$H[[[وY[[H]Y[8&\ ܛX[\™ܙX]\[L K(H\[]X8$Y]][H]Y[HZ[XH[ݙB(H\\\[[][\[H U܈UH8$HX[XHXY[HZ[HH\K\X[B[H\K][ZYYYX][ۜ[H][(H\][[\[X\^H QH8$HYY[XH\X[HXY[BXX(H\Z[8$ٝܚ\܈[H[\Y܈]Y[Y]B(HY][ۈ8$Y][Y]H\[[H]Y[[^(HX[^H X H8$HY\H[XHXH\\YYH\X[[\[ۂۈHX[[H[\H XXJK]\ܛX[H\Y[H]Y[\^XYHۈH[[]܈܈Hۙ[YK][[X[H[[]܋(HXHYY[8$\]ZY][H]Y[YHYY[XB(H[[]܈ [ H8$HXX[H\Y[H]Y[X]B˝XXYYX[Kܙ