UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Magazine Winter 2018 2018 Volume XXXIII Number 3 - Page 24

giving back Mike Slive Foundation for Prostate Cancer Research launches to make a difference in men’s lives By COURTNE Y BISHOP It all started over coffee at Salem’s Diner in Homewood between Mike Slive and Ed Meyerson. Slive had been battling prostate cancer and as the former SEC commissioner, knowledge of his diagnosis became public. Slive’s treatment wasn’t easy at times, but he realizes how lucky he was to be in Birmingham for treatment and care. “We are fortunate to live in a community with access to such great medical care,” he says. “The medical professionals at UAB were an integral part of my treatment and care.” Slive’s good friend Meyerson, former president of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Advisory Board, became inspired to start a foundation for prostate cancer research. Meyerson had watched his father battle prostate cancer and now his good friend. “When I asked Mike if this foundation could use his name, he said, ‘You know what, it’s a contribution I can make because I don’t want any other man to go through what I went through,’” says Meyerson. “And with those words, Mike put his name and face on the fight, and here we are today.” Meyerson and Slive created the Mike Slive Foundation for Prostate Cancer Research, realizing they could make the difference in men’s lives much like the Breast Cancer Foundation of Alabama does for women. The mission of the Mike Slive Foundation is to save lives by funding cutting-edge prostate cancer research. The foundation has made great strides in its inaugural year, committing $150,000 to fund innovative prostate cancer research at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center. “The response we have received in such a short time has been amazing,” says Anna Slive Harwood, daughter of Mike Slive and vice president of the Mike Slive Foundation. “We are excited to see what 2018 will bring for the Foundation.” The Mike Slive Foundation officially kicked off with a 22 U A B C O M P R E H E N S I V E C A N C E R C E N T E R launch event in September. Paul Finebaum, well- known sports commentator and close friend of Slive, was keynote speaker at the event. “If you know Mike Slive, he doesn’t just lend his name to something, he is going to get very involved too,” says Finebaum. The Mike Slive Foundation has exciting plans for fundraising, including the “Block Cancer” campaign that was just announced. “Block Cancer” will be a season-long UAB Basketball fundraiser. For every blocked shot the UAB Men’s Basketball team has, the UAB Athletics staff, including the basketball players, will donate to the Mike Slive Foundation. Fans and friends of UAB Athletics are also encouraged to participate. Their final home game on March 3 will be a Prostate Cancer Awareness Night, $2 from every ticket sold will go to the Mike Slive Foundation, and prostate cancer survivors will be honored during the game. One of the goals of the Mike Slive Foundation is to c )ѡՔЁɽхєȸqAɽхєȁ́ݡɔ)ɕЁȁ݅̀ԁ啅́tMٔ!ݽ̸ͅqA)eЁхЁи5ɕ䁑eЁ݅ЁѼхЁи=)ȁ́́ѼѡЁՔt)QՉЁɽхєȁɕ͕ɍѡ)5MٔչѥͥѼɕٔݱ)ɽٕͥѕɽхєȁ͔єYͥ)5MٕչѥɜѼɕѕȁȁѡх+q5䁱ٕ݅́ͅ䁍ѥɽхє)ɕ͕ɍ9ܰ$ٔѡչѼٔ)ٔͅѡȁٕ́ѡɽ՝ѡչѥt́ͅMٔq9)͡ձɽɽхєȻt