UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Magazine Winter 2018 2018 Volume XXXIII Number 3 - Page 21

“Right now, we’ve got 20 trials, and Andres Forero discusses a UAB clinical trial with a care team member at the Kirklin Clinic. LoBuglio: “In a group of patients with Hodgkin’s disease we showed that there were benefits. Several years later we took part in pivotal trials of that drug, known as Adcetris, and it’s used today.” two-thirds of a terrific company with a whole lot of antibody- drug conjugates now being studied.” Forero: “The first person treated in the first clinical trial of Adcetris was one of my patients here at UAB. We went through all the steps of those studies, and it was approved by the FDA for Hodgkin’s lymphoma a few years ago. It has dramatically improved treatment.” Saleh: “A number of the pharmaceutical connections that we developed as a result of Dr. LoBuglio’s reputation at that time are the same ones that we work with today in the UAB Phase 1 Clinical Trials Program.” [The program, launched in 2015, is directed by Dr. Saleh.] Right now, we’ve got 20 trials, and two-thirds of those include the delivery of monoclonal antibodies against specific targets.” LoBuglio: “In fact, we helped start the company that put that molecule together. The head of immunology at one of the major drug companies had decided to shut down its immunology section. We had been doing a lot of collaborations with them, so one of their researchers came and visited us and said he was going to start his own company and negotiate ownership of the antibody’s structure. We helped write the business plan for that company, which is now called Seattle Genetics. They are Forero: “UAB has been the first in humans in 20 to 30 therapies over the past five years. We work with both large firms and small biotechs that have started to develop exciting new drugs. That allows our patients to have access to these treatments earlier. Adcetris, for example, can cure cases of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and for years, the only way for people in Alabama to get this drug was at UAB. Our research has brought many benefits to the citizens of this state.” # K N O W U A B C C C • those include the delivery of monoclonal antibodies against specific targets.” Mansoor Saleh, M.D. U A B . E D U / C A N C E R 19