UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Magazine - Spring 2016 - Page 8

research update While known for its work with minority and underserved populations across the United States, that inflammatory response among children. “The the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center has recently T-regulatory cell responses likely down-regulate the taken steps to expand its research efforts globally. gastric inflammation in children, thereby contributing As part of this, UAB researchers, led by Cancer ulcer disease and the absence of gastric cancer in Catolica University researchers, led by director of children compared with adults, even though in Chile pediatric gastroenterology Paul Harris, M.D., are both have the same H pylori burden, virulence factor conducting innovative studies in the South American prevalence and H pylori genotype,” Dr. Smith says. children have increased gastric T-regulatory cell is more commonly referred, is the leading cause of responses that appear to down-regulate inflammatory gastric cancers worldwide and is also a leading cause of response? H pylori colonizes in the stomach and is usually acquired early in childhood. It is much more prevalent C O M P R E H E N S I V E C A N C E R C E N T E R its work with Understanding Bacteria To answer that question, Drs. Smith and Harris minority and underserved and their colleagues are working with the Cancer certain parts of Eastern Europe and South America. Center’s microbiome research core to examine the populations I G2&W6V6R2&RFƖVǒ&VFVBFvVR0֖7&&FFR6VGb&7FW&FBƗfR@7&72FRVFV@7GVFW2fR6vFB&fVBvVRWW&P6FRV&G6G&VBGVG26RBFRVFVB7FFW2G&F6ǒFV7&V6VB&vFBvFWB&fV7Fࠥ7FFW2FRT ( vRfRfVBFB&֖fV7FVB6G&Vࠤ6RvWfW"&&FW2&RWG&VVǐ&&"6vf6FǒFffW&VB֖7&&FFࠦvB&766FVBv7G&266W"2FPVfV7FVB6G&VB6W'F6VG2`6V6BVFr6W6Rb66W"&VFVB'FƗGࠧFBv7G&2֖7&&F&RFffW&VB&РvR7GVGr&fV7F2G"6֗FB0fV7FVB6G&VfW'7W2&֖fV7FVBGVG2( РFVfRFR6RFW&W7FrF66fW&W2ࠧ62G"6֗F( ( FW2&fV7FV'0( vRfRF66fW&VBFB6G&VfR&VFǐ66W"6VFW FV7FW0F&W7G'V7GW&RFRv7G&2֖7&&F6G&V@2766FVBvF7&V6VBB&VwVF'6V2FP6&VBvFFBbfV7FVBGVG2FW7FRƗfpv7G&2V66v^( &RfW'W6FVB&WBF2WpFR6R6GBWfVFR6R&VvFF@f&F&V6W6RB7VvvW7G2FBWFffW&V6P6G( G"6֗F62( v^( fR66vFBfV7FV@&WGvVVFRv7G&2&W76Rb6G&VBGVG06G&VfR&V6&6ǒ7&V6VBB&VwVF'6VF&fV7FffRFR66疖p&W76W2FV"7F6V66( Р7F6֖7&&F( РF6RB&VwVF'6V2&R&W6VB6vf6Fǐ6&VV6fP2&V6VFǐ&VGV6VBv7G&2fF'&W76RF&vW"&FW26G&V6&VBFGVG2@R vRvf FRFWfVrv&B'F7V&ǒ6g&6WfV2F6RVF2ࠣ F2&6W2FW&W7FrVW7F( 2vF&7FW&v2VƖ6&7FW"&&2@v7G&2fFV6W'2BFW"Ɩv6W2ࠤ'4DFFR&VFǒ&VGV6VB6FV6Rbv7G&GVFV6VFW"6V"66VF7BƗ6֗FB@Fb6RV6bFRv&ffW2FPrv&7CT"&W6V&6W"VG0fFfRv&6PFW&R7BƖVǒ&W76&Rf"Fv&VwVFpFWBG0&W6V&6Vff'G0v&ǒࠤb66VF7G26VFW'7FBF2FW&7Fp&֖7&&FBB&VwVF'6V26G&V2rR"220( R"RBR22R 0