UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Magazine E-Edition 2017 - Page 4

REFLECTIONS FROM THE DIRECTOR – In his own words Edward Partridge, M.D., has been a visionary leader, a valued physician, and a community advocate throughout his longstanding, 48-year career at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. As the director of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center for the past 10 years, he has led the center during rapid growth, launching numerous initiatives and programs. As he prepares to retire, he looks back over his time at UAB and shares his valuable insight. Making an impact Q: What do you consider your biggest accomplishments at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center? A: I demonstrated, I believe, convincingly that you can take lay people and train them to have significant impact in cancer care delivery across the entire continuum of care. We started with volunteer community health advisors who promoted breast and cervical cancer screening in the community. We trained a group of these health advisors to serve as navigators to help women who had a positive screening or cancer navigate the system, even though these women were from rural and under-resourced areas. We used navigators to improve accrual to clinical trials here at UAB. Lastly, we trained a group of navigators — all lay — to assist with treatment, survivorship, and end-of-life care for cancer patients with Medicare. 4 U A B C O M P R E H E N S I V E C A N C E R I think F2vfR7Fr7B&V6W6R2vRfRg&ЦfVRf"6W'f6RFfVR&6VB6&RFVƗfW'W"&ƗGFWFVBFPVF6&RFVƗfW'77FV( BVWrvVVRvVBVWp66VR2vV276&RBWBbFR7F( B2vrFFWVBw&VBFVW"WFƗFbG&FFVF6&PFVƗfW'FfGV2FRFVF2VvRFRFW"FrvRFBvVv2vRF&VFfVǒ66V@66W"6G&BVF66V6R&w&B"FP666W2FV66Ff7W2W"6W'f6RB&W6V&666W F7&FW22&W7VBvRFWfVVBRbFR&V֖W"66W F7&G&W6V&6&w&2FR6VG'2RBR