UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Magazine E-Edition 2017 - Page 11

Dr. Edward Partridge is a leader who is held in high esteem. Many people in and around the Cancer Center are extremely appreciative of his service and contributions. WARNER HUH GABRIELLE ROCQUE Professor and Director in the UAB Division Gynecologic Oncology I credit much of my development and success to Dr. Partridge. What he has given me is immeasurable: he taught me how to be a properly skilled surgeon, a caring, empathetic clinician, a champion for our cancer patients, but most importantly, how to love life and genuinely value and love our families, friends and community. He is truly the intersection of genius, humility and common sense. You will not find a humbler man. I am deeply indebted to Dr. Partridge and Barbara. The experience of working with them was a once in a lifetime, and I hope to preserve his legacy by sharing the many Partridge-isms in the years to come. JOAN KEMP Director of Operations at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center I have been very blessed to have worked with Dr. Partridge for many years. He is a true southern gentleman and has done a spectacular job as director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is a selfless leader and a true humanitarian who has spent his career making sure all have access to quality cancer care. BARBARA PARTRIDGE Dr. Partridge’s wife of 41 years Quite simply, Ed is a man with a good and true heart. He loves deeply…God, people, his work, and his family. He is single-minded in purpose. His mind is organized and wise. It has been my gift to walk this road alongside him. Assistant Professor in the UAB Division of Hematology and Oncology and Medical Director of the Patient Care Connect Program I could not have asked for a better tour guide to teach this Northerner all about the South. During our many long road trips I learned about Southern culture, Alabama football, and especially what to order at the fantastic local diners. Dr. Partridge has been an inspiration to me with his unwavering commitment to public health. His wisdom and passion have been invaluable to me in delivering high- quality cancer care to patients in Alabama. LISA ROTH Senior Director of Development and Community Relations at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center It has been such an honor working with Dr. Partridge in efforts to fight cancer. I have learned so much from his thoughtful leadership and his uncanny way of appreciating everyone while challenging all to do more to make the world a better place. RICHARD WHITLEY Professor of Pediatrics, Microbiology, Medicine and Neurosurgery I have known Ed since he was a fourth-year medical student at UAB. He in fact was one of my medical students. He was a fantastic student then and remains a fantastic student now, 46 years later. As the director of the Comprehensive Cancer Center he has done a fantastic job. Most importantly, he is a terrific human being and friend. # K N O W U A B C C C • U A B . E D U / C A N C E R 11