U R Enough - Page 5

1. Be Connected - Who do you turn to for support? Is it a loved one, mentor or friend? Is it yourself? If you are feeling like you need more emotional support, have you considered a counsellor or pastor to help you? Everyone needs connections to feel accepted, safe and loved. Who can you call today?

Action Step: Contact someone today and check-in to express any concerns or victories.

2. Eat Well - Are you eating junk food or skipping meals? If this sounds like you, this is your reminder - a “flashing alert” to remind you that eating healthy is essential every day. Your schedule may be filled with activity at home, at work, or at school which can be draining. Refueling yourself is both physically and mentally important, so you can be ready to make important decisions and to generally show up feeling great! What do you have planned for your next meal?

Action Step: Choose nutritious and yummy foods for each meal.

3. Make Your Move - Do you move each day or is the couch your new “go to” place for fun? Take a walk, go for a run, or do some yoga. Changing your physiology helps change your energy level. Of course, you reap the benefits of keeping in shape, staying busy and releasing stressful energy when you have been busy all day. What physical activity can you do starting today?

Action Step: Call a friend or take yourself for a walk - it will do you some good and it is free!

4. Break Time - Are you taking needed breaks at home, at work or at school? This could be a “time-out” for you to regroup, refocus or reenergize. Do you feel the need to do a meditation, take a nap or sit still and just “be”? Do not forget to rest if you are feeling stressed. You need your energy. When will you make rest a priority in your routine?

Action Step: STOP! Slow down and take 10 minutes to refocus, breathe and centre yourself. You will probably feel calmer and ready to tackle your next project.