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I hear the phrase, “Take care!” a lot. It’s usually stated as a kind goodbye to someone at the end of a conversation wishing them well. For me, it’s a trigger to stop and think about my own self-care. I am big on self-care. I am a strong believer that it is important for you to take charge and help yourself by practicing self-care techniques. Self-care promotes healthy boundaries, positive relationships and assertive communication skills. These are the fundamentals you need to show up to be and feel awesome in your life. There are many self-care strategies out there, but my tools tend to focus on mind, body, spirit connection. Read them and see which ones speak to you in the moment. Later, challenge yourself to look at those items that don’t speak to you and try them anyway. Because if you could feel a tiny bit better in your life or a whole lot better, why not look at all your options?

Take Care!

9 Self-Care Tools That Will Make Your Life Awesome

By Stacey Toupin BA, CCDP, CLC, MSLC

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Hi! I am a joyful and passionate Certified Life and Career Coach Entrepreneur dedicating myself to help you in transition with your career and other significant life changes. I am the author of the program, “Be. Your. Passion.” My mission is to inspire you to be your passion so you feel excited about your career and your life. Contact me at my website: http://staceytoupin.com

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