U R Enough - Page 3





Pg.4-6 Take Care-

9 Self Care Tools That Will Make Your Life Awesome

By Stacey Toupin

Pg. 7 Embrace and Love Your Body

Pg. 8-9 Healthy Eats With Chef Val

Pumpkin Coconut Almond Halloween Treats

By Chef Valerie Wilson

Pg. 10-11 Celebrating The Gift of Empathy

By Robin Leigh Vella

Pg. 12 Wonder Not How Special You Are

By Annette Rochelle Aben

Pg. 13 Daily Goal- Be The Best I can Be

Pg. 14-15 Holli's Hub-

Friendship Busters & Friendship Builders

By Holli Kenley

Pg. 16- 17 Recovery Revolution

Pg. 18-19 Rainbow Warriors In Training

By Lisa Vunk

Pg. 20-21 Happy Just Because

By Gina Charles