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Happy Just Because by Gina Charles

The Default Setting

It is a false belief that happiness must be earned, created, or derived from somewhere outside of myself. The mind needs reasons to be happy. The heart knows the truth. The truth is, I am the only reason I need to be happy. It’s self-loving. We need no other reason than that. We thrive in the natural state of happiness, mentally, emotionally and physically. Let happiness become your default setting.

Ask Your Heart

Where do I begin? How do I find things that make me happy? Read a feel-good book, dig up a lost hobby or passion. Put on your favorite music. What did you used to love to do as a small child? Don’t ask your mind, ask your heart. Grab your crayons and rollers skates, and head out there with both eyes open for everything that makes your heart sing. It’s not about an anticipated outcome. It’s about senseless, illogical, unattached enjoyment.

Go ahead and be happy for every reason, and for no reason at all. There’s no need to pay a toll. I now know that happiness is rightfully mine, in perpetual abundance. It is to be taken at every turn, with every meal, worn with every outfit, and recognized in every endeavor. The more I make the effort to focus on happiness, the more self-gratitude and self-appreciation I feel. Satisfying our longing to be happy, sparks the realization that bliss is found in self-love

Float Your Boat

Being attached to what our mind think happiness is, what it should look like, and in what ways it should come, causes us to overlook the happiness that's right under our noses. We miss out on happiness by avoiding things out of the fear of how we may look, how we may be perceived, or what other’s might say.