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3 Friendship Builders!

Let’s take a look at 3 Friendship Builders – empowering attitudes and behaviors that build up others and you! Think of them as solid bricks, building a strong foundation inside of you! Get ready! Let’s get started!

1. The Acceptance Brick

In order to become a Friendship Builder, you begin by getting rid of the verbal varmints and emotional enemies!

If you are calling people names on the playground, or texting cruel messages or posts, or playing mind games with your friends, girlfriends or boyfriends – stop!

If you are excluding others or playing friendship games – stop!

Now, grab hold of the acceptance brick!

It is a brick that says you will not judge others, put them down, control them or boss them around!

You will look for ways to include others, to compliment them, and to help them!

When you take hold of The Acceptance Brick, you commit to accepting others for who they are – just as you would like to be accepted for who you are!

2. The Respectful Brick!

Once you have The Acceptance Brick securely in place, add on The Respectful Brick! Now, read carefully.

Being respectful doesn’t mean you have to agree with everyone; it means you respect their right to be here on earth and be who they are!

It means that just like you want others to understand your right to be safe and to be the unique person you are – you want the same for them!

It means you make a commitment not to participate in name calling, social networking pranks, or in bullying or physically abusing friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends!

And here is a tricky one – you stop hanging around with kids who disrespect other kids! And you stand up for the victims!

Respecting others and being a Friendship Builder feels good! Let’s keep going!

3. The Protection Brick!

As you continue to build your tower of friendship, you will add on the final brick – The Protection Brick! As you are working on treating others with acceptance and respect, it is critical to accept and respect yourself in the process! How do you do that? With The Protection Brick! What does that mean? It means you put strong boundaries in place! Think of boundaries as in invisible fence around you that keeps you safe. However, you must be the one who shows others that you have a strong fence protecting you! Here are some suggestions:

Don’t hang around with kids who hurt you or make fun of you!

If someone continues to say or do things that hurt you, tell a trusted adult. Remember, if bullies think you won’t tell, they will continue their bullying!

Don’t react to mean or cruel stuff or try to get revenge, but do stand up for yourself! Let them know that the next time anything happens, you will tell an adult. Hold your head up high and walk away.

If you are in a controlling friendship or overly possessive romantic relationship, consider talking to a counselor or a trusted adult. If you feel your life is in danger, you must report it to the authorities.

I know I’ve shared a lot with you! And this is hard stuff. But, I want you to know that I write about this because you are important! Each of you deserves to live a healthy and safe life!

Start today. Start now!

Grab hold of the Friendship Builders !

Grow your friendships – ones that are loving and kind.