TWM - Michiana Summer 2014 - Page 70

2014 wedding cake & dessert trends EXPERT ADVICE WITH SUGARUSH Megan Williams This year's most prevalent theme is a more rustic and natural look with sophisticated, glam accents. Although some would consider it a crime to remove the icing, a naked cake is simply a gorgeous cake with less icing. These lovely cakes are often adorned with fresh flowers as a finishing touch. If you fancy something off the beaten path, consider a dessert table. Have fun with the menu, and offer mini pies, French macarons, or consider fun twists on old favorites, like key lime cookie sandwiches or red velvet cheesecakes. You can also fill glass candy buffet jars with some of your favorite assorted candy. Easy and colorful! Fruit can also add a colorful touch to your table, and won’t require much preparation. It gives a splash of color to go along with your wedding theme. Whether you are going for rustic chic or elegant and gourmet, your dessert bar can be personalized and fun! Use non-traditional items to display the treats in place of table cloth covered tables, such as large wine barrels, antique dining room tables, or even an antique cart. Romantic lace, appliqué piping inspired by the bride's dress, and geometric textured patterns of layered fondant are popular in 2014. Whether your style lends itself to traditional or modern inspirations, both can be achieved with minimal color, or bold splashes of the season's favorite hues. Ombré fades in monochromatic schemes, or multi-tonal palettes are still a hit with brides. Today's brides are well-informed, and have access to great information via the Internet. Event coordinators and florists are also go-to resources for inspiration. We work with couples to use the tools available, with details specific to their event, to create a beautiful cake or desserts for their special day. There is not one right answer when it comes to wedding sweets, only what is right for you. With each wedding season comes the challenge to create something fresh and current, pushing cake artists to impress brides with what's "new." Four trends of 2014 wedding cakes are minimalist designs, textured façades, flower adornment, and mini desserts. Cupcakes also continue to be a go-to choice for a no-fuss approach to serving your guests cake. SugaRush 574.293.9333 333 Nibco Pkwy Elkhart, Indiana 70 Imagination Photography