TUBE NEWS TN September 2017 - Page 8

In a class of its own – the compact new mitre-cutting bandsaw HBE320-523G from Behringer Opening up new fields of business, extending the performance spectrum or replacing an old machine – these are among the most frequent reasons given by users for investing in an up-to-date, more efficient mitre sawing machine. With its newly presented model from the HBE series, BEHRINGER is offering the perfect way of combining the benefits of modern high-performance machines for individual sawing tasks with the robust and proven characteristics of a classical mitre saw. “We deliberately integrated various features from our BEHRINGER high-end models into this machine, raising the HBE320-523G into a class of its own – and all at an optimized cost-to- performance ratio”, says the company’s CEO Christian Behringer with confidence. High cutting outputs, simple handling and precise angular cuts are among the key attributes of the new BEHRINGER mitre-cutting bandsaw HBE320-523G. With its extensive application spectrum, it reliably covers the wide-ranging requirements of metalworking workshops, the profile steel trade and machine builders. “Even small and medium-sized operations in these f VG2&R&VƖBFV"6vp6W2FfFrvFR&vRbFffW&VBFW&0vFFV&6W72&VƖ&ƗGFv7FF&@bVƗGBBv7VVN( 7V&W26&7F&V&vW"vF7WGFr&vRfBFW&0bS#3#&FW&֗G&R7WG2bC\+@WF3 +FRVgBF26R2FRW&fV7@&VFW"f"G2b6vrW&F2( f &V62b67BBfW&ƗG&fW2&RvVW&ǐW&66VB7F'FrVwF2bWF"WG&W2@FV6vF6^( RFG2FRWr֗G&R7WGFpET$RUu26WFV&W"#p&G6r2V6ǒ&RF6RvF&F7G'V7GW&7FVV2B7FW727FVV&fW2खFW6vFW&2FRWr֗G&R6r2琦fVGW&W26vFFR$RG֖26W&W2v62&VG&fVB&W6VFr7V66W72FRwVF6R77FVG2F'6ǒ&vBvG'FW6vBFR&FW&&BvVV&V&w2V7W&PVWB'VrB&V66R7WG2FR&BwVFp6VG2&RFRbf'&FFrw&W67B&v62vǒ6FfR7BFPVƗGbFR7WB7W&f6R'WB6W2f"vW &FRƖfRVV7G&6ǒvW&VB6''W6W26VFR6r&FRbFW&r6276&W6ǒvFFR6rG&fR77FV( 2FFVB&W2FW&2`&6W72&VƖ&ƗGFRFBbFR&BvVV2V2&rFRƖfR`&G6r&FW2'&VGV6rfFwVRGVRF76Ɩ6&VFrgVǒWFF2VvBFW7FVBf6ƗGf"FR6rg&RFWVFrFRFW&Vv@BvW&rbFR6rvV&BG&fW'6RV7WB&GV7FfRFRF֖VFR6ƖVB6FbFR&G6r&FRw06VG27V62v&FW'2vVB7FVVBP&fW22vV2r&V7FwV"&fW2F&P6vBvW"7VVBBvFW72'W'"FR6vrVB2VFVBf"V7GW&rvVW&W6ǒFV6VB&W"&V&w2B6&R7vfVVBvF6RV7FFR66V@