TUBE NEWS TN September 2017 - Page 6

Order for Four Forging Lines Schuler delivers multi-station mechanical presses with a press force between 8,000 and 20,000 kilonewtons to China Automotive supplier Chongqing Lianhao Technology from China has ordered four mechanical forging lines from Schuler. The multi-station mechanical presses with link drive have a press force between 8,000 and 20,000 kilonewtons. “We have to thank our sales department in Weingarten for the acquisition of this order,” says Markus Bieg, head of the Industry Division in Weingarten. “Our colleagues here will also be responsible for the technical aspects of the product and design of the system. This demonstrates how important this site is for the Schuler Group.” Manufacturing and assembly will take place at the Göppingen and Erfurt sites. The delivery of the four forging lines is planned to take place in the course of first half-year of 2018. Due to the large stroke range from 250 to 800 millimeters, presses of the type MML2 with link drive, which are optionally available with ServoDirect technology, are suitable for the mass production of drive and chassis components in a large variety of sizes – from bevel gears to transmission shafts. The link kinematics reduce the forming speed, thereby increasing both the quality of the parts and the formability of the material. The link drive system of the MML2 developed by Schuler can be optimally adapted to the respective component requirements during the design of the press and permits a use for both cold and warm forging. “Economical manufacturing of parts in large volumes is only possible by optimal coordination of the equipment, process technology know-how, and tool technology,” Markus Bieg says. “At Schuler, this knowledge is combined with years of experience. The result: the particular expertise for implementing efficient, complete solutions – like the MML2 press series.” . 6 TUBE NEWS September 2017