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Ettlinger at Fakuma 2017: Yet More Melt Filtration Performance and Quality Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH, manufacturer of high performance melt filters and injection molding machines for high shot weights, will show a brand new generation of melt filters at the upcoming Fakuma 2017. Ettlinger filter systems have already set important efficiency benchmarks on several occasions in the past. The new generation which will be premiered at the Friedrichshafen exhibition will raise the bar even higher in every respect. The first few months of practical experience with pilot customers have confirmed an up to 28% increase in throughput for the same filtration quality and the same ultra-low melt losses. Users profit from more productivity when recycling contaminated waste plastics from industrial or consumer sources. Furthermore, Ettlinger filter systems can in future be very easily integrated into Industry 4.0 environments. Volker Neuber, Managing Director Ettlinger: “Waste streams vary enormously in quality, and the ability to supply high quality recycled polymer at competitive prices is more of a challenge than ever. Our latest filter generation provides the answer: our existing series are already extremely efficient but we’ve now achieved a new landmark.” The new Ettlinger filters work with a rotating, perforated drum – the principle already familiar from the ERF and ECO series: there is a continuous flow of melt through this drum from the outside to the inside. A scraper continuously removes the contaminants that are held back on the surface and feeds them to an exit screw or discharge shaft. This enables the filter to be used fully automatically and without any disruptions over a period of weeks and months without having to replace the screen. The advantages of this design are the constant melt pressure, ultra-low melt losses – recognized throughout the industry – and good mixing and homogenizing of the melts. Whereas the ERF series is optimized for separating foreign particles from heavily contaminated polyolefins and polystyrenes, the ECO series is ideal for filtering polyolefins, PET and PA as well as recycled material containing up to 1.5% contaminants during the extrusion of films, sheets and other semifinished products. High-volume machines for 100 kilo moldings Although Ettlinger will not be showing its srm series of injection molding machines for shot volumes up to 180,000 cm³ and component weights up to 120 kg live at the Fakuma booth, the latter is nonethel ess expected to be a popular port of call for manufacturers of such products. Their defining feature is the structural separation of the melt processing and injection units, which makes them far more energy efficient than conventional machines. Ettlinger’s injection molding specialists will be at hand throughout the exhibition week to discuss the specific problems of this niche segment with visitors and explore potential solutions to current issues. . TUBE NEWS EVENTS September 2017 21