TUBE NEWS TN September 2017 - Page 15

Right: Kasto will present its Unitower with an intelligent system for energy recovery and storage. Left: The versatile KASTOmicut swing-frame band saw for the workshop sector is now available in a fully automatic version. Now the company can optionally supply its automated storage systems with an integrated energy storage unit that permits flexible use of the recovered power. It will be demonstrated on a KASTOunitower at EMO. The solution, which can be retrofitted to existing installations, not only reduces energy costs but also improves the quality of the supply because power is continuously drawn and load peaks are avoided. Operators can often use smaller transformer stations, reducing investment costs. Bandsawing technology During 2016, the 5D֖7WB7vrg&P&G6r&vRv2G&GV6VBf"v&62gVǒWFF2fW'62rf&RFV"bv6v&R6rf"FRf'7BFR@T6&VBFFRVB6V֒WFF0f&G2BfVGW&W2FFFgV7F26VFpF&rb6r&FRFV66&&FR&FPwVFW2BF66fW"f"f'GVǐVGFVFVBW&F+ET$RUu2UdTE26WFV&W"#r