TUBE NEWS TN MAY 2017 - Page 18

be determined in the period between signing and closing. Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. is serving as Quaker Chemical’s lead financial advisor. Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP are acting as its legal advisors. The Valence Group provided a fairness opinion to the Board of Directors. countries around the world delivering solutions that increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve product quality for our customers. Houghton International is a Hinduja Group Company, which has owned more than 95% of Houghton International since 2012. RBC Capital Markets, LLC is serving as exclusive financial advisor to Houghton International. Mayer Brown LLP are acting as its legal advisors. About Hinduja Group The Hinduja Group is one of In Xx&\[ZY\]\YYY[[ۘ][ۘ[ۙY\]K[\Z[X\H L [\YY\]\[HXܛ [Y\]\][KX[[ۋB\][YKHܛ\\[Yݙ\B[YYX\YHH [ZHBܙY\8'^H]H\ܚ]H[]K'BHܛ\ۜ\[\\[]][]K[ܛX][ۈXKYYXK[\Z[Y[[][X][ۜ[[ [[H\X\[\X\HڙX][Y[ [[\\X[\]KY[[X[\K][œ\ܝ\]XH[[[XX]]Y\˜XܛHܛYH[ZH[][ۋX]]XZ\[ZX[]XZ\[ZX[\HXY[ؘ[ݚY\ق\ZY[ZX[XX[Y\[XX[^\\HHYH[Hو[\Y\[Y[œY[ [[Z[[K]][]KZ[[Y\XKXH[\K[[\ˈ܈X\H L YX\]XZ\[ZX[\[Y\Y\˜\[HܛXY]HX[ۈYXY[K[\ݙHX]X[]K[\YHX[][ۈو[ݘ]]HXK\ۛYK[\Z^Y\X\˂XY]X\\Y[ۜ[[[[XKTK]XZ\[ZX[\\\[\\ܛYH]H]ܚوYX]Y[^\Y[Yٙ\[ۘ[HZ\[ۈ\›XZHHY\[K۝X[ܛX][ۈ H]XZ\[ZX[[\ܜΈX\HX[[ XH\Y[ YY[[X[ٙX\[X\\\[P]XZ\[KK KL ̋ MX]Yۈ[\][ۘ[YYXNY[\HXZ[[][X][ۜ“X[Y\XZ[P]XZ\[KK KL ̋ BYۈ[\][ۘ[\Hؘ[XY\[[]\[Y[YY][ܚ[ZY[\X\܈H]][]KY\XKY][Z[[XX[\KٙܙH[]\YB[\Y\ˈXY]X\\Y[[^HܙK[[[XKYۈ[\][ۘ[\]\œ\X\ X[YX\[[ٙXH][ۜ[ •PVH M۝X[ܛX][ۈ8$Yۈ[\][ۘ[YYXH][YH^BYۓ]Yۚ[ B KMK L ŒN