TUBE NEWS TN January 2018 - Page 8

» High-pressure (up to 150 bar), properly directed nozzles enhance the life of the inserts and help control the threading chips. Dedicated adjustable flushing nozzles directly mounted onto the toolbars make it possible to remove the threading chips from the coupling efficiently at the end of each threading pass. A very smooth toolbar design eliminates manual intervention by the operator. Further advantages of the PcTM design in terms of competitiveness are fewer rejected pieces with a high-precision machine capable of producing finished couplings with a  tight range of dimensional tolerances required for high-end applications, less manpower, lower maintenance, reduced spare parts and tooling inventory. Customers interested in viewing the PcTM-13 machine in operation and in testing their premium connections are welcome to visit the workshop in Brescia, Italy. We are already working on variants, improvements and customizations of the PcTM design while our technical team is developing a new 4-axis rotating tube threading machine complete with threading table. Our mission in this challenging market is to support our customers in accomplishing their goals, which are high profitability and reduced investments. The PcTM-13 premium coupling-threading machine is designed for and achieves these targets. . PcTM-13 machine highlights: > OD range from 4”1/2 to 13”3/8 > premium, semi-premium, API and GOST threading > central drive spindle > simultaneous machining of the two coupling ends > hydraulic headstock with 2 clamping planes > automatic loading and unloading manipulators PcTM-13 productivity: At Danieli W+K, we consider the PcTM-13 an important step forward in the development of our threading technology. However, we also acknowledge that only our end users can suggest how to push the performance of our new machine to its limit. 8 TUBE NEWS January 2018 > push and pull threading > 22 pcs/h for 7” API Buttress P110, > 10 pcs/h for 7” typical P110 T&C premium connections > piece change in under 30s