TUBE NEWS TN January 2018 - Page 7

testing of the new Danieli PcTM-13 premium coupling threading machine with advantageous results. API and premium couplings with 98% machine availability and 93% of good pieces with dimensional tolerances within 25% of API standard tolerances were produced right from the beginning. A central drive configuration for the manufacture of premium connections in one step, avoiding multiple coupling positioning in the head stock was selected. This solution eliminates any possible deviation in concentricity at the extremities and enhances machine productivity. The clamping force is distributed evenly on the coupling surface by 2 clamping planes and 12 jaws to prevent distortion particularly in the seal area and even where premium couplings with an extremely thin wall thickness are concerned. The machine can be easily integrated into an automatic coupling shop where blank roughing and finishing can be performed in series on 2 PcTM machines. Heavy-duty design and high-precision positioning of the cutting inserts reduce the number of threading passes for API and Premium couplings and offer increased cutting speed and feeding. ยป TUBE NEWS January 2018 7