TUBE NEWS TN January 2018 - Page 6

More Premium Connections for Less The new Danieli Premium coupling Threading Machine - PcTM-13 - a new family of innovatively designed CNC Machine Tools for the rapidly changing OCTG Market. Ever since entering into the seamless and welded tube market Danieli’s ambition has been to supply Customers comprehensive services and solutions capable of increasing business profitability. Nowadays, the OCTG market is moving further and further away from API commodities to premium connection specialties, however fluctuations in tube demand and prices oblige seamless and welded tube producers to invest time and resources in contemporary and highly sophisticated products capable of meeting the requirements of new drilling scenarios. Short reaction times, efficient project 6 TUBE NEWS January 2018 scheduling and the employment of new technologies are preconditions for a rapid return on investments. To ensure positive outcomes in the installation of new plants and finishing lines a main contractor managing all the phases of the production process can guarantee the quality of finished products by keeping the project schedule and budget under control. The target of Danieli W+K is to focus on the most critical operations involved in tube finishing in order to achieve this goal. Danieli W+K entered this field with a breakthrough technical solution, performing large-scale industrial