TUBE NEWS TN December 2017 - Page 18

User-Friendly EcoMet 30 Grinder-Polishers Save Time in Sample Preparation Buehler, an internationally leading manufacturer of high-performance consumables and equipment for materials testing has extended its portfolio in the area of grinding and polishing with its new EcoMet 30 system, which is designed for maximum ease of operation. The machines in this family of grinder- polishers are available in both manual and semiautomatic versions, and equipped with either one or two platens. The four models provide varying, but in all cases significant, degrees of reduction in operator workload and a corresponding increase in productivity, particularly for routine tasks in test laboratories using a dedicated machine for each preparation stage. The semi-automatic grinder/polisher machines EcoMet 30 Auto and Auto Twin, in particular, facilitate and speed up work in the test laboratory. Frequently used functions are accessible on the 18 TUBE NEWS December 2017 front-side touch-screen user interface with 7“-LCD color screen. All settings can be made here without having to navigate through complex menus. In addition, advanced cleaning functions available in all models contribute towards significant time savings. Both the manual and the semi-automatic models provide platen diameters of 8” [203 mm], 10” [254 mm], and 12” [305 mm], with incremental adjustment of speed within a range of 50 to 500 rpm. In the case of the manual systems, the convenient design of the splash guard, combined with a large work space and ergonomic bowl height, allows for excellent control of the grinding and polishing process while holding a material sample.