TUBE NEWS TN December 2017 - Page 15

Nearly half of the stock is held in a Kasto Unicompact honeycomb storage system with 2,272 cassette locations. From its distribution centre in Perth, Western Australia, OneSteel Metalcentre holds approximately 8,000 tonnes of different types of steel. The KASTOlvr warehouse management software ensures efficient material flow. Unicompact provides very high storage density, which for us means shorter distances to move the material and more space for additional stock or process steps. “The goods-to-man storage system has greatly reduced our access times. At the press of a button, material is loaded and unloaded from the store and sent automatically to the picking area. It guarantees productivity and efficiency in our business.” He went on to explain that working in the warehouse has become considerably easier and the process more reliable. While the store carries out the laborious loading and unloading of material virtually by itself, employees have more time for other tasks. KASTOlvr warehouse management software controls the processes and gives OneSteel a detailed overview of orders and stock levels. Every delivery and individual cassette can be identified and tracked, helping to avoid delivery errors and provide customers with a consistently high quality service. The software has also simplified the task of consolidating items required for each order. Mr Cosgrove concluded, “Everyone at OneSteel is very impressed by the Unicompact storage system. It enables us to work more quickly, safely, reliably and efficiently than before. “Ultimately, this is all to the benefit of our customers, as they get exactly the material they require from us, flexibly and in the shortest possible time. “If additional capacity should be necessary in the future, the modular Unicompact system can be easily modified and extended to meet our new requirements.” . Email: Web: TUBE NEWS December 2017 15