TUBE NEWS TN November 2017 - Page 11

Inflatable Stoppers for Petrochemical Applications Blocking pipes or other orifices to carry out routine maintenance and other applications can prove challenging where hydrocarbons are present in liquid and gas form. Now, a range of hydrocarbon resistant Inflatable Pipestoppers is available for the Petrochemical and Oil and Gas Industries. Manufactured in cylindrical and spherical formats from 1 – 96” (25 – 2,440 mm) in diameter with a high-grade latex, rubber internal inflatable bag covered with a petrochemical resistant layer, which has a tough, woven impregnated nylon outer cover for use up to 90ºC (194ºF). The versatile Inflatable Stoppers are used to service a wide variety of industrial applications. As “overnight stoppers” they provide a strong barrier in pipeline activities, to prevent foreign bodies entering the line during downtime. In machining applications, they can be inserted below a horizontal flange on a vertical pipe, to prevent machining fluid, swarf and tools from falling into expensive machinery such as pumps and turbines etc. Inflatable Stoppers are particularly useful when one or more can be inserted into a small opening close to a work location, rather than at the end of the pipe, tank or vessel. No high- pressure equipment is needed for inflation. Manufactured by Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT® these PetroChem® Stoppers are available with optional heat resistant covers to protect them against high temperatures of up to 300ºC (572ºF), ensuring the Stopper is not damaged when exposed to high temperatures. PetroChem® stoppers are light in weight and easy to manipulate and can be shipped anywhere by next day courier at very low cost. . Launch of spiral pipe plant in Canada Schuler helps steel and mining company EVRAZ to commission a line and to train the maintenance staff In less than five months, Schuler and its customer EVRAZ have launched a spiral pipe plant in Regina, Canada. In addition, the forming technology specialist has spent three weeks training maintenance staff for software and hardware about the line and its components. EVRAZ had bought and relocated a line to Canada which was already installed in the USA. For the modernization process, Schuler also supplied the coil cart and decoiler as well as all roller beams of the forming station with sophisticated technology. At the heart of the decoiler are two coil stands, each with two servo motors and proportional valves. The line will be used to produce spiral pipes measuri p"F#B2WFW'2VwFvFFWFW'2`cFc#R֖ƖWFW'2FRW2vfRvF6W76W2bbF#RB֖ƖWFW'2BvVvWF#BWG&2F2Ue$'FW&62vǒЦvVB7V'6F'bUe$2RbFRv&N( 0&vW7B7FVVB֖r6W2B2VFp'FW&6&GV6W"b7FVV&GV7G2f"&VW&wBGW7G&VB&WG2ET$RUu2fV&W"#r