TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 49

wide market. We are proactively meeting the needs of our customers, who are increasingly active in multiple countries, and require the same level of service to be available from a single source throughout these countries, so that they, in turn, can optimize their own processes. Buehler can now create new opportunities by pooling our resources, upgrading existing products and developing new products ideally suited to the requirements of our international customers. This consistent focus on the ‘Voice of the Customer’ is an approach already successfully adopted by ITW Test & Measurement in the US and Chinese markets.” As a concrete example, Prauss cited the growing trend towards ITW Test & Measurement products being used in demanding industrial environments and in multi-shift operation. “We are seeing an increasing trend for measurement and testing activities to move from the laboratory onto the production floor. This implies an increasing level of training on the part of operating staff and places higher demands on the equipment itself and its suitability for continuous round-the-clock operation. It necessitates an appropriate approach to the design of hardware and software, including ergonomics, and a consistent adaptation of our inventory with a view to satisfying rapidly changing demand and high volumes. At our new Esslingen headquarters, we are now eminently well set up to assist our customers on their chosen paths“. To reach the Esslingen office please contact: Buehler ITW Test & Measurement GmbH, Boschstraβe 10, D-73734 Esslingen am Neckar Tel: +49(0)711 4904690-0 E-mail: Roll-Kraft Training E-Book Now Available: Guide to Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming Roll-Kraft offers employee development handbook as a free download Roll-Kraft, an internationally known supplier of roll tooling to tube and pipe and roll forming manufacturers, is pleased to announce a new e-book available for free download: “Employee Training and Development - Guide to Tube and Pipe and Roll Forming.” This e-book is organized into five chapters, which identify common areas of concern for those involved in the tube and pipe and roll forming industry, to enhance their productivity level: In addition to the new e-book, Roll-Kraft conducts regional training seminars and events periodically throughout the year. The company also offers personalized tube and pipe training and roll forming training programs on location at the customer’s facility. Conducting a training program on-site can prove to be highly beneficial, since it allows the instructors to focus on the customer’s mills, tooling, and staff, and provides an excellent opportunity for interaction and review of everyday issues and experiences. 1. The Principles of Leadership for Tube and Pipe Supervisors 2. The Secret to Running Consistent Product 3. Solving Common Tube and Pipe Production Problems 4. Taking Training to the Next Level 5. Roll-Kraft Training Services Overview The e-book is free and can be downloaded at roll-kraft-resources/guide-to-tube-and-pipe-androll-forming. Visit Roll-Kraft’s website for more educational tube and pipe and roll forming articles. 49 TN MAY 2016