TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 44

Cost a significant reduction in cost, very small floor footprint and availability of a range of sizes up to 27 cu m. The HFT product has rapidly become the preferred alternative enclosure globally. Size for size the HFT range costs less than 10% of a metal glove box and only 2% that of a metal vacuum system. Technical Specification Flexibility A combination of translucent material and optically clear sheet is used depending on the viewing requirements of the customer. Ultra violet stabilized engineering polymers are used throughout during manufacture. Material thickness is nominally 0.5 mm (480 microns). Size and shape can be made to meet customer requirements. Standard models from 0.3 to 3.0 cubic metres are available from stock. Weight is very low and the enclosures occupy little space – the collapsed volume of a 1.25 metre diameter system is less than 0.2 cubic metres and weighs only 8 kg. They can thus be moved easily and stored efficiently so floor footprint is minimised. Principle large access, leak tight zips are fitted and additional entry points can be provided for operators gloves. A service panel incorporates access ports for welding torches and for electrical leads and cooling water supplies. A purge gas entry port and an exhaust valve to vent displaced gas to atmosphere are incorporated into each enclosure. Large viewing area Large sections can be manufactured from optically transparent ultra-violet stabilized engineering polymers. This offers the opportunity for use by several operators at the same time – ideal for training purposes. If necessary, repairs can be carried out by the user on site and a kit is supplied for this purpose. TN MAY 2016 44