TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 40

close almost completely. That means that the tool is immediately ready for the next bending step when the tube reaches its target position. Major productivity increases can be achieved in this fashion. In addition, it was very important for Schwarze-Robitec to develop a simple, intuitive and labor-saving control. In the past years, the number of machine functions has increased strongly. The integrated diagnostic and maintenance tool guides the operator through all setting and optimization steps, checks all data reliably for validity and so leads to an optimal production result. Automatic bending cells During cost-effective serial production of injection lines, cooling water and axis tubes, tie rods as well as various bodywork, exhaust system and chassis components it is worthwhile to expand machines to a fully automatic bending cell. They allow a completely automated production of bent tube systems: from the tube separation and welding seam positioning via the bending process all the way to integrated quality controls, bending or TN MAY 2016 separating systems, as well as the further transport without personnel. Bending cells simplify and accelerate not only the machining process but also offer a high degree of operational safety. Designed for durability, the machines “Made in Germany” have no problems in coping with the two to threeshift operation and therefore not only have a positive effect on the productivity but also on the resource of money. 40