TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 39

seconds has a definite effect on the production efficiency. The resource time, together with the material input, plays a decisive role in large-scale production. The central question for mechanical engineers therefore is: to be produced, it is recommended to equip tube bending machines with multi-radius bending tools. With these, set-up times can be reduced by up to 70 percent and at the same time the utilization of the machines increased. Such time advantages pay off to a particular degree in the production of large-scale series. Thus also in the fast-cycle vehicle construction, more precisely in the production of complex bend in bend systems for exhaust systems. Especially suitable for this purpose are, for example, the CNC MR series bending machines from Schwarze-Robitec fitted with stacked tooling. They enable production of exhaust pipes with a bending radius of 1 x D without bending straight intermediate lengths between two bends. At which point can technical improvements be conducted, to save time in addition to material? For faster tool change, Schwarze-Robitec has, for example, developed the rapid clamping system “Quick Tool Unlock.” It consists of a split tension rod with clamping lever as well as a swivel device. Whereas in the case of standard market models, the continuous tension rod to the swivel arm crossbeam needs to be unscrewed at the top on the bend former for tool change, the procedure is much simpler with the Quick Tool Unlock: In this case only the clamping lever is actuated and the connection to the swivel arm crossbeam is separated. Then the swivel device can be opened, so that the bend former is exposed to the top. In interaction with the automatic tool clamping, the bend former can be removed without difficulty and without unscrewing anything. Long machine downtimes, due to complicated conversions, can therefore be reduced significantly. A relief which is of benefit to the operator because he can attend to his core tasks. If different radii or whole tube systems are Thanks to the stacked tooling, the set-up times are minimal. Time-efficient design of work steps CNC controls, which can run individual procedures simultaneously where possible, have been available on the market for some time already and help to save valuable seconds per production process. While developing its new machine control, the bending specialist from Cologne took this concept a decisive step further. It prepares the respectively following work step already while still carrying out the current procedure. An example: While the tube is fed to the tool, the clamping functions 39 TN MAY 2016