TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 38

Resource efficiency in the supplying industry Bert Zorn, Managing Director of SchwarzeRobitec, on the subject of resource-efficient tube bending technologies. Subjects such as sustainability and green technology have been discussed in the media for several years or serve as popular anchor for company reports. Nonetheless, the reality in industry is still not consistently sustainable because producing enterprises use the major part of the gross production value for material. According to calculations by the German Federal Statistical Office this is an average 45 percent. The upshot of this is a major savings potential, both for sustainability and the operating costs of companies. In the light of rising costs for raw material and energy, one thing is sure, however: Those wishing to stay competitive need to use resources sparingly, streamline production processes and thereby increase efficiency. The resource ‘human’ should also be taken into consideration comprehensively in this context because operator-friendly and safe production processes make a major contribution towards profitability of companies. remove the lubricants from the bent tube after forming, they need to undergo an elaborate cleaning process where further chemicals are used. Automatic lubrication systems achieve a far lower consumption. With the help of compressed air, they only moisten the bending mandrel surface and inner wall of the tube. As a result of this optimal dosage, both the costs and the effort for the subsequent cleaning of tube and machine are considerably reduced. The micro-lubrication from Schwarze-Robitec works according to this principle. For this procedure, the lines for oil and compressed air pass through the mandrel rod all the way to the mandrel, where the oil is dispersed by the compressed air. During the bending process it exits from the mandrel through small drill holes. This way, the system combines an appropriate lubrication with minimal lubricant consumption. Saving resources not only means reducing the use of material, but also the use of energy. Useful means are, for example, energy recovery modules or regulated hydraulic pumps, which drive bending tables via a separate pressure cycle. Reduced lubricant and energy consumption For large-scale production of tubes, the dosage of lubricants harbors a significant savings potential with regard to material. Lubricants counteract the high tribological loads on tool and work piece which occur during cold bending. With most lubrication methods, the lubricants are introduced into the tube to be bent in large quantities. To TN MAY 2016 Just in time – Time as a scarce resource Today, the processes in the producing industry need to be conducted faster, more cost-effective and more individualized. Saving only a few 38