TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 36

ALL-ELECTRIC TUBE BENDER MULTIPLIES PRODUCTIVITY FOR CLEANING TROLLEY MAKER Integrated bender/piercer helps OEM move to smaller batches and build-to-demand A new all-electric tube and profile bending machine is helping Crisp Clean Services - a manufacturer of mobile cleaning stations - to substantially boost productivity and make its manufacturing process much leaner. Clean will be exploiting in future designs. Crisp Clean makes a wide variety of mobile trolley systems for commercial janitorial applications, with ergonomically positioned buckets and mouldings to carry a flat mop wringer, as well as other compartments for cleaning materials, waste etc. All of the trolleys are built around sturdy stainless steel frames. The 30 mm bender was specially designed by Unison to improve Crisp Clean’s production efficiency and flexibility. It achieves this by incorporating a number of advanced features including a built-in hole piercing system that eliminates a separate processing stage, multistack tooling for quick changeovers between tube sizes, and rollform bending - a new capability that Crisp TN MAY 2016 One of the first applications for the new Unison bender illustrates the productivity gains being achieved by Crisp Clean. The machine is used to crush-form a frame which provides the structure 36