TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 33

updates, and further development of the logistics products.“We talk to the machine tool companies to ensure that all our new functionality fits in with their technology, and we hold regular user group meetings where customers tell us what they’d like to see in future releases.” Now in his 29th year with Radan, Kevin O’Connor explains why he has stayed loyal to the brand for so long. “A number of employees also have 20 and 25 years service. Not only do we passionately believe in how Radan helps sheet metal companies take their businesses to the next level, but we already work for the best company doing what it does in the sheet metal industry. What more could we want?” Ideal solution: The Behringer Eisele semi-automatic PSU 450H Behringer Eisele presents the robust PSU 450 H a high-performance circular saw in modular design which is perfectly adapted for sawing operations. The well-proven and stable PSU H system circular saw from Behringer Eisele is the ideal machine for universal use in workshops and factories. With saw blade diameters of up to 450 mm and the following cutting ranges it is the ideal solution for a broad range of tasks: • • • • Material 90° 45° Round material 150 mm 150 mm Square 140 x 140mm 125 x 125 mm Rectangle 270 x 30 mm 190 x 30 mm The operator control panel is covered by a cowling and a protective cover, which swings up, provides secure protection during the sawing process. The rapidly adjustable and exchangeable clamping With the PSU 450 H, the basic machine is comprised units prove to be particularly advantageous under different sawing conditions. The clamping of a robust machine frame in which the base plate units are fitted both horizontally and vertically. and turntable including the sawing assembly is An aluminum clamp block operating as longembedded as central unit. The sawing assembly stroke cylinder with 160 mm displacement and consists of a powerful motor and hydraulic feed clamping force monitor clamps the materials cylinder and a worm drive helical gearbox with rotation compensation. For the semi-automatic the safely and precisely. The clamp force can be set independently from one another in both directions swivel range of 90°-45°-30°-0° from left to right is and is readable on two manometers. The large very broad. swivel range enables acute angles of +/- 30° to be sawed. 33 TN MAY 2016