TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 27

Absolute Multiline Technology is a world-wide unique measurement system for monitoring the geometric accuracy of machine tools by means of high-precision length measurements: An absolute distance interferometer measuring with sub-micrometer resolution serves as metrological centerpiece of a factory. It connects with any number of machines via fiber optic network that may comprise more than 100 measurement channels. These measurement channels, equipped with miniature optical elements, are oriented along the machines’ axes, space diagonals and face diagonals of the machine working volume. Absolute Multiline Technology’s metrological network is ready to cover any machine location and size – it has already been set up in factories supplying multiple machine tools with up to 12 meters (≈39 ft.) in axis length. The maximum range of measurement is 40 meters (≈131 ft.), while the optical fibers may travel several kilometers. Due to the large distances possible between the robust measurement sensors and the system electronics, measurements can be conducted under extremely rough environmental conditions. While conventional interferometers can only work with a continuous measuring beam, the Absolute Multiline Technology can deal with interruptions of its eye-safe infrared beam at any time without losing accuracy. The absolute distance is re-calculated in a fraction of a second. Hence, highest geometric precision is assured in the entire working volu