TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 25

overlapping repositioning section by section. The partial measurements are then combined. The user can either delete measurements or change the parameters of the analysis afterwards. If the overall measurement is not successful, new single measurements are added, defective measurements deleted or single measurements re-evaluated with changed parameters. This is especially useful if the part cannot be measured in a single step. It allows for an even more effective workflow, as the part does not have to be completely re-measured. and testing including car safety and tube and wire inspection, as well as optical 3D scanners for the measurement of complex surface structures. AICON’s reference list boasts renowned automotive manufacturers and suppliers, companies from the aerospace industry, and the areas of shipbuilding and renewable energies. Its latest products for automated test and process control open new worldwide market fields and obtain outstanding growth. For more information, please visit www. The data service was improved. The software’s key feature forms the basis for interconnected working areas. Stored content can be used by several operators and is applicable across locations. AICON Sales Contact: AICON 3D Systems GmbH Günter Suilmann Biberweg 30 C D - 38114 Braunschweig Holders of appropriate licenses and a valid software maintenance contract will receive the new BendingStudio 3.0 with the next software update. Tel.: +49 (0)531 58 000 75 Fax: +49 (0)531 58 000 60 About AICON: E-Mail: AICON 3D Systems is one of the world leading providers of optical camera-based 3D measuring systems. The company, founded in 1990, develops and distributes portable coordinate measuring machines for the business areas of inspection 25 TN MAY 2016