TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 24

Easier bending production with BendingStudio 3.0 AICON 3D Systems launches a new version of the software platform BendingStudio. BendingStudio 3.0 offers many new features, which facilitate daily work in bending production. The software platform connects all data and processes around production of bended parts: from production and process planning to manufacturing and quality control. It is the only tool to meet and combine these requirements with emphasis on metrological processes. Even newcomers can handle this new function: The wizard guides the user through the process step by step. The set-up of new parts is integrated into the application “part editor”. This new arrangement optimizes measurement and analysis. Besides the structural novelties, BendingStudio 3.0 offers extended measurement options. The connected measuring device, like AICON’s TubeInspect or MoveInspect, provides the measurement data, and BendingStudio carries out the analysis of the measured pipe. A wizard guides the user through the single steps of the bending point model. Usually, the analysis is automated. However, the user can step in when needed. Manual intervention is more transparent and graphically supported. In Reverse Engineering, different bending radii can easily be taken account of. With the revised control concept, AICON reacts to customer requirements. The software is even clearer structured and easier to handle. The setup of inspection plans is separated from the measurements. The big advantage: The user sees only the information relevant for his task. The new CAD-WIZARD enables the user to create bending elements for a bending machine from a component’s CAD data in IGES or STEP. Even complex data files can now be processed, and bending data are easily and reliably extracted. TN MAY 2016 Furthermore, BendingStudio offers new options especially for very long and complex pipes with many bending points (e.g. long brake pipes). They can be measured with TubeInspect by 24