TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 23

New Profile Measuring Systems from ZUMBACH Electronics, Switzerland successfully commissioned at ShanDong ShiHeng Special Steel Group Co., LTD., China. In November 2015 a further measuring system of the PROFILEMASTER® SPS series has successfully been commissioned at ShanDong ShiHeng Special Steel Group Co., LTD. In China. The measuring unit is equipped with 4 CMOS camera/laser modules and measure typically L and Omega-type profiles. The system is an important step to guarantee a high quality standard for manufactured profiles. According to the customer testimonial (see continuation), the PROFILEMASTER® system mean a major relief for the line operator and helped to solve major measuring problems in the production line. S4 from Zumbach on November 2015. lt only takes S days to complete the whole installation and commissioning and obviously it has a big enhancement for the productlon. The Profilemaster measures precisely and it can measure any part and any dimension of the product according to our requirement. This device gives us a huge help to analyze and control the quality. After using it, the operator can adjust the rolling machine online and bring the dimension into the quality limit by only one bar. lt saves a lot of manpower and material and increase much efficiency for us. As a pioneer of on-line measurement, Zumbach Electronics manufactures a comprehensive range of non-contact, on-line measuring and control instruments. Our technology is in use world-wide for such dimensional parameters as diameter, thickness, eccentricity, out-of-round and for physical or electrical parameters like expansion, capacitance, dielectric strength, and more. Since this Profilemaster has been used till now, the device works stably and no breakdowns. lt can be maintained easily and the service engineer also supply the technical support timely. Now, this device becomes a essential part of the whole rolling line and the operator also depend on it very much. PROFILEMASTER® systems are available in multiple designs, depending on the requirements of the customer and product. The systems are best suited for the continuous measurement monitoring of dimensions or even the complete cross-section of profiles made of metal, plastics or rubber. According to this, we think the Profilemaster from Zumbach company solve the section bar online measuring problem perfectly and we feel satisfied with it. We also recommend you to choose it. Success story and Recommendation for Profilemaster SPS 400-S4 from ZUMBACH Our factory’s main product is L type and Omega type hot rolling steel. To increase the product quality, we installed the Profilemaster SPS 400- ShanDong ShiHeng Special Steel Group Co., LTD 23 TN MAY 2016