TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 21

from raw tube material handling through to final pre-paint finishing and quality inspection. The cell was developed at Ingenium Integration’s design centre in Manchester and then manufactured and assembled in a facility at its parent company Unison in Scarborough. Ingenium Integration is also able to call upon Unison’s expertise in all-electric tube bending technology to help solve many of its customers’ fabrication problems. The company also holds an integration license for the novel 5-axis parallel kinematic machines (PKMs) developed by the Swedish company Exechon. These are setting new performance standards in robotics and enable Ingenium Integration to create leadingedge automation solutions for a diverse array of industrial applications. About Ingenium Integration Founded in 2012, Ingenium Integration specialises in the conception, design and manufacture of innovative and cost-effective manufacturing automation solutions for the aerospace, automotive, marine, nuclear and oil and gas industries. These include complex jigs and fixtures, remote handling systems, robotic cells with transfer systems, tooling verification systems with remote diagnostics and fully automated production lines. Many of Ingenium Integration’s automation solutions are based on highly advanced five-axis parallel kinematic machines (PKMs) developed by the Swedish company Exechon. PKMs are setting new performance standards in robotics and Ingenium Integration is the first commercial company in the UK to acquire an Exechon integrator’s licence, which provides it with unrestricted access to this innovative technology. Ingenium Integration operates as an independent company within the Unison group of companies through its Manchester office, though its headquarters and main production facilities are now located in the large Scarborough-based factory that Unison opened in 2013. Ingenium Integration bases many of its automated production cell designs around all-electric tube benders from Unison – its parent company. In this instance, the system being built for H & E Knowles is a 38 mm (1.5-inch) twin head model from Unison’s all-electric Breeze range. It features a left and right head on the same carriage that facilitates precision symmetrical bending to reduce cycle times with an off-set facility to enable asymmetrical bending of the final tight bend at the wheel end of wheelbarrow frames, while avoiding collision with machine architecture during the process. The production cell comprises a tube bundle loader, tube orientation station with seam detection, intermediate dual-arm loader, bending machine and several articulated robotic handlers, as well as swaging, hole punching and cut to length stations. It advances the state of the art in this manufacturing sector by fully automating the entire wheelbarrow frame manufacturing process, 21 TN MAY 2016