TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 19

the manufacture of PVC-O pipes were achieved, certifications that recognize the quality of the TOM® PVC-O pipes manufactured with the Molecor© technology. and publicize the work of small and medium enterprises and self-employers, highlighting their work both nationally and internationally and their role as an engine and pulse of the economy. During the next five years Molecor© achievements became international benchmarks. Among these milestones it was the production of PVC-O DN500 mm and DN630 mm, the development of Integrated Seal System (ISS+), the transfer to a manufacturing plant with a production capacity of 11,000 tons per year, and the development of technology capable of manufacturing pipes up to DN800 mm, som ][\][H]][ۘ\B]\[[YH\[H\H[\]Y[\HXY\'H\Y\\^H[ [\]\\H]Hو]ܚ]HۜوHܚ\\ˈH[Bو[\ۛY[ H[\Z[H[HXق[[X[\\\\[Y\[[[™Y\[ [[[Y\[\[[›ZHHZXܛTQKX\]HX[H\K][[\[[\][ۘ[\[K][[˜[[\\[X][ۈو\^H[ZXܞK[[[[X[H[ݘ][ۈ\\ۛB\YK'B\YX\[XܰH[H\[]\[\™][ܛYKXYXK\X\\[̌ M[[ۙ\^[]]\XB][Y[[p\\[]]][][ۈوH][[X]\\وS˂\\ܞHو[ݘ][ۈ[][Y[\[Y[]\Y\[\H[YX\›وܚ]Y\[^\[]\X\‘[\[]\H]\؝Z[Y[ L\\˜[]\܈H\[ݘ]]H\[Y\›و][YX\XXۚ^\B۝X][ۈوٚ]XH[\Z[XB][ۜ܈Y]KHYX\]\[ L[XܰHXY]YHܙX]\Xۚ][ۈ[H[]\\]][ۈYX]Yš[ݘ][ۈ[XX[[\ݙ[Y[›و[Y\[Xܜ˂[X[K[ MKH\[H\˜]\Y\H\8'X[[YY][B[\\HوHYX\'H[HXۙY][ۈقHTSQH]\XZ[\Xۚ^BNBPVH M