TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 18

Molecor© celebrates 10 years It’s been ten years since Molecor©, Spanish company that has become a leader in the development of molecular orientation technology applied to the conveyance of water under pressure was founded. Molecor© is present on five continents thanks to a revolutionary process that provides efficient and environmentally friendly systems to manufacture Oriented PVC pipes. Its exclusive technology and thousands of kilometers of PVC-O pipes installed worldwide, guarantee ten years of work and continuous improvements that have made the Molecor© TOM® PVC-O pipes the best solution for the transportation of water under pressure; these pipes can be used for irrigation, potable water supply, reclaimed water reuse, industrial networks, fire networks, etc. TN MAY 2016 The two business lines of the company, Molecor Tech and Molecor Canalizaciones, have achieved a number of milestones of great importance in the sector that have marked turning points and provided great improvements. In2007, only one year after the establishment of the company, Molecor© presented its TOM® PVC-O pipes DN200 mmand the technology of its Air Based System, a unique manufacturing system to the moment that, besides being highly efficient provides greater safety and cleanliness than other alternatives. A year later, in 2008, the company had already successfully developed the technology to manufacture PVC-O pipes up to DN400 mm and in 2009 the product certifications N brand (AENOR-Spain) and NF Mark (AFNOR-France) for 18