TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 13

intuitive workflow offers seamless interaction with the system for rapid test setup and data export. All three systems use silicone oil as the heat transfer medium – 9 litres for HV3S, 16 litres for HV6M and HV6X – to cover a temperature range from 20 °C to 300 °C with a resolution of 0.1 °C. A continuous oil monitoring routine not only helps to reduce the risk of running invalid tests but also increases productivity, an alert being issued when the bath level is out of range or oil degradation could adversely affect test results. Rapidly bringing the oil temperature back to its starting level after a test run means the user can start the next test with minimal waiting and reduces water consumption. The optional Instron Bluehill® HV Software makes it possible to run tests, edit methods, analyse results or configure the system with a few mouse clicks. It locks the test methods, preventing inadvertent changes, to ensure repeatability and compliance with ISO and ASTM standards over multiple shifts and numerous operators. Bluehill® HV also allows the creation of specific user profiles on the basis of the operator’s level of expertise. The simplicity of the software means that – similar to Instron’s established Bluehill® 3 software for electromechanical testing systems – tests can be run with even further minimized effort, raising laboratory efficiency and throughput to a new level. Double Blade Orbital Milling Saw Cut Off The wait for a Proper Quality Double Blade Orbital Milling Saw Cut Off at reasonable price – is finally over. Effimac Equipments (P) Ltd., India, has successfully commissioned 10-3/4”x 8mm Double blade Orbital Milling Saw Cut off. The Cut off is running at M/s Ahmedabad Strips (P) Ltd., in India for the last six months. The Cut Off has successfully cut Ø273x2.5mm and also 72x72x8mm. The Cut off is successfully using HSS as well as TCT blades for cutting thinner & thicker tubes / sections respectively. Complete designing & manufacturing, Erection & Commissioning, Electronic controls & programming is done in India by Effimac & its Associate companies, with their strong technical team. The Motors & Drives are from Siemens, Germany and the Multi Axes Programmable Motion Controller is from Beckhoff, Germany. This is a very big achievement for any company in India to have dared to take the order to make such a machine and finally being able to design, manufacture & commission the same successfully. Now Effimac is all ready to take up any contract to manufacture similar cut off on any existing mill to cut pipes from 6”-20”OD, up to 12 mm thickness. For such highly technical equipment, prompt service support is essential and Effimac ]\8'  ‚ۛ[HXX[\XH\ܝ8'H[]\H[Bܛ [KHXZۈ[YKXۙ™YHZ][܈\XH\ܝ XY\™^\][H˂܈Y[وH\]Z\Y[ X\HB[[˂΋˞[]XKK]ݏ[ѓLXš΋˞[]XKK]ݏQ[ ЍZݒBL‚PVH M