TUBE NEWS 2016 May 2016 - Page 12

New Series of Instron HDT and Vicat Testing Systems to Boost Efficiency in the Testing Lab Instron, a leading global manufacturer of material and structural testing systems, is introducing a new generation of HDT and Vicat Testing Systems designed to significantly reduce workload and increase efficiency in the testing lab. time is absolutely crucial, the HV6X system offers motorization of both the lifting station and weights application on all of its up to six testing stations, making it suitable for laboratories with a continuous backlog of specimens. Its interlocked cover shield restricts access during test execution, protecting the user from moving parts. Together with its optionally integrated fume filtering and extraction system, the HV6X is a perfect fit for working environments where safety procedures are extremely strict and extraction system automation is required. The new Instron® HV Series includes three different systems – the entirely manually operated HV3S with two (optionally three) testing stations plus two systems with a larger bath size and a higher level of automation – HV6M and HV6X – for up to six testing stations. All use advanced electronics that automatically zero the position of the LVDT measuring sensors before starting a test, reducing test time and human errors. Multiple features for increased working comfort and safety The intuitive weight design eliminates the risk of selection mistakes. The weights are stackable and enable the user to handle them with confidence. A wide range of stress values can be achieved without the need for any additional tools. Users of the HV3S benefit from the smooth lifting mechanism of the stations, combined with ergonomic handle positioning. This allows the stations to be raised and lowered safely and easily. The user-friendly touch screen, which is standard for all three systems, has a simple and clean look and allows for operation without a computer. The For occasional to continuous testing With its manual lifting station and weights application, the HV3S is a first choice for laboratories that perform low volumes of HDT or Vicat tests. Furthermore, its compact size makes it an ideal system for busy laboratories with a lot of test equipment. Where HDT or Vicat testing is part of the daily routine, the HV6M features manual weights application on up to six stations with a motorized lifting mechanism designed to significantly reduce operator effort. Where TN MAY 2016 12