TTGassociations Publications January 2019 - Page 18

The Singing Sommeliers A comedic operatic performance that keeps revealing surprises, the act begins with two professional wine guides who introduce themselves as sommeliers. It soon becomes evident that the male guide is clueless about wine and goes on to compare a woman in the audience to a silky smooth Chardonnay, just before bursting into a song about how all wom- en are like wine. The female responds with Carmen’s Habanera, but with a humorous English translation about men. She then bumps into an ex-lover in the audience and the fun continues, includ- ing an appearance by “Pavarotti” to inject further frivolity. What’s unique: This flexible act com- bines high brow opera with tongue-in- cheek comedy, a stint of acrobatics and enough twists and turns that gives it a broad appeal, not just for opera lovers. The show can be modified to suit both high-tech staged environments to more casual settings. This act cannot be dupli- cated because it is highly dependent on the chemistry of husband and wife duo Jon and Rebecca Bode. Great for: Welcome dinner, intimate speakers/part- Clockwise from above: Musicland; Luminatrix; Geisha Dance Troupe ners appreciation function, ice-breaker, pre-dinner event or just before dessert Contact: Extraordinary Acts, Australia; info@extraordinary- Magic Howard The Singing Sommeliers Bringing his unique style of close-up magic to events, Magic Howard leaves the audi- ence baffled and thoroughly entertained. As a resident in Thailand, he has performed on British TV and in Las Ve- gas; he has amazed royalty and Hollywood stars and is now entertaining corpo- rate groups. He can do an hour-long performance or two slots of 30 minutes each, roaming through pre-dinner cocktails or on stage. What’s unique: How- ard’s light-hearted banter is endearing, and he is one of the most professional and entertaining magicians in town. Great for: Intimate client/partner appre- ciation dinner, networking party Contact: PIGS Co, Thailand; JUMP Put a smile on delegates’ faces with this upbeat and comedic performance. Combining oriental martial arts and acrobatics, JUMP is an original produc- tion featuring taekwondo, taekgyeon and other high-energy stunts. The story begins as a family scrambles to clean up their home and train under their grandfather, an old-school martial arts trainer. He introduces a mysterious young man into his home, and this sets the family into a series of hilarious and clumsy antics. What’s unique: With its action-packed sequences, JUMP injects good-spirited comic relief after a long day of meetings and activities. Delegates familiar with modern Korean drama series may appre- ciate its references to family soap operas, while other attendees can still roll with the punches and punch lines. Great for: Welcome gathering, gala din- ner, delegate networking Contact: Yegam Inc, South Korea;