TTGassociations Publications January 2019 - Page 16

What’s unique: The performance is dra- matic and injects an element of surprise into the event experience. Great for: Opening/closing ceremony, VIP speakers appreciation dinner Contact: Wildfire Entertainment, Singapore; Jeongdong Theatre Jeongdong Theater, based in Seoul and Gyeongju, offers for hire a top tradition- al dance team, a samulnori (traditional percussion) team and an instrumental team. As well, the theatre opens its space for rental, providing technical prerequisites such as lighting equipment and green rooms for performers. What’s unique: Event planners can bring a traditional Korean performance exclusively to their delegates at Jeong- dong Theatre. Furthermore, the theatre is the founder of successful production brand Miso, which lends artistic flavour to the usual traditional performances. Great for: Prelude to a keynote presenta- tion, opening/closing ceremony Contact: Jeongdong Theater, South Ko- rea; (Seoul); (Gyeongju) From above: LED Monkey King; Grand Opera Thailand LED Monkey King A spectacular fusion of technology, dance and Chinese culture, the LED Monkey King performance commands audiences’ attention with electrifying glow-in-the-dark costumes, precision beats and an amazing choreography. What’s unique: As a beautiful amalga- mation of western pop-culture’s Tron: Legacy and eastern classic, LED Monkey King is a glowing sight to behold. Great for: Opening/closing ceremony, gala dinner, as a roving act for delegate interaction Contact: @Dance, Hong Kong; Hyper Light Drum This visually stunning performance is delivered by female drummers on LED water drums. Water splashes as the energetic routine gains intensity. The performance can feature up to 15 drum- mers, and the length of the show can vary according to the planner’s require- ment. What’s unique: All aspects of the performance can be customised, from the music (cultural to futuristic sound tracks) to the costumes, to be aligned to the theme of the event. Great for: Accompanying act for an ar- riving VIP, conference opening Contact: Hyperactive Entertainment, Malaysia; Luminatrix Grand Opera Thailand The show brings fire, light, juggling, acrobatic stunts and dance together on stage for a performance delegates won’t forget. What’s unique: Luminatrix is a fusion of contemporary dance and modern circus. Performances can be customised to include corporate branding, and can be delivered indoors or outdoors by two to 10 performers. Great for: Conference opening, annual dinner, celebratory gatherings, award ceremony Contact: Psycusix, Malaysia; Grand Opera Thailand was established in 2011 by British operatic impresario, Stefan Sanchez, who has been groom- ing Thailand’s young opera singers and launching them on international careers. The professional opera company has under its wings several groups and individual singers, allowing event plan- ners to pick the one best suited for their event. What’s unique: Grand Opera Thailand’s portfolio of performers is versatile. For a memorable experience, surprise del- egates with a flashmob performance at an off-property dining venue.