TTGassociations Publications January 2019 - Page 15

INSPIRING ENTERTAINMENT From a dramatic dance with water to comedic singing sommeliers, TTGassociations picks out some of the most fascinating entertainment ideas for meetings and events Joseph the Sand Artist Joseph Erwin Valerio uses his hands to draw on a flat glass covered with the finest sand imported from the UAE. His sandpaintings always weave stories and are themed, and can be customised to deliver the client’s message. Music can be incorporated to make the performance even more interesting. What’s unique: Joseph, who has no for- mal training in painting and drawing but catapulted to fame on a TV reality show for talented Filipinos, realised his talent while sifting through dirt and sand when his home was destroyed by a typhoon in 2009. Great for: Opening/closing ceremony, gala dinner, press event to highlight the key message Contact:; (63) 09364140025; (63) 09179548275 Want more sandpainting options? Corporate Entertainment Agency (hello@corporateentertainment in Singapore executes the art form through two artists while global entertainment specialist Scarlett Entertainment ( boasts an artist who can sand paint with his eyes blindfolded. Digital Water Curtain With a stunning curtain of water cascad- ing from the ceiling, this act can be synchronised with elegant dancers, a solo aerial dancer within the waterfall, or a vocalist or musician in tune with the flowing droplets. The Digital Water Cur- tain combines digital and water effects, and can be featured as an installation piece, or as part of a bespoke perfor- mance. Digital Water Curtain