TTGassociations Publications January 2019 - Page 13

How competitive is Hong Kong’s phar- maceutical industry? Last year we did a survey on Hong Kong’s clinical trial attractiveness and identified other countries like Singa- pore and South Korea that have already exceeded us, so we have to catch up. For example South Korea has a dedicated department – the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety – which takes a one-stop- shop approach to attract clinical trials. But this is not happening in Hong Kong yet. We have to apply for approval from ethics committees, negotiate with inves- tigators and apply for procedures – all of which takes a longer time. We have submitted proposals to the government to have a faster setup of clinical trials in Hong Kong. HKAPI has a close working relation- ship with Meetings and Exhibition Hong Kong (MEHK). How does this partnership work? MEHK has long been a super-connector for and a long-term supporter of HKAPI. We work across many facets and main- tain a long-term partnership in elevat- Chan (far right) spent time with her peers at HKAPI’s 50 th anniversary calebrations last April “ HONG KONG HAS RISEN HIGHER IN STATUS AS A MEDICAL HUB IN ASIA DUE TO HER HIGH COMPLIANCE WITH THE CODE OF PRACTICE. HKAPI HAS LAID DOWN STANDARDS FOR ALL MEDICAL CONFERENCES TO BE HELD IN HONG KONG.” ing Hong Kong’s profile in the world’s pharmaceutical industry. As MEHK extends its business net- work through HKAPI to bring even more pharmaceutical events to the city, HKAPI takes on the role of city ambassador. And when HKAPI hosts its local events, MEHK conducts study missions to international association meetings and functions as a bridge to connect us with international association partners and event organisers for global exposure. MEHK’s efforts include securing speaker line-ups and opportunities for us to join industry networking events. When MEHK organises study missions for association executives, I am often invited to speak about my experiences in running associations in Hong Kong and in Asia-Pacific. As well, MEHK always helps to advise medical event organisers on compliance with our Code of Practice. Is HKAPI affiliated with regional as- sociations? We are a member of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufac- turers and Associations (IFPMA) since 1970 as well as a member of the steering committee of the Asia Partnership Con- ference of Pharmaceutical Associations (APAC) since its establishment in 2011. Do these affiliations help HKAPI in connecting members with global peers or be involved in global activities? I am myself a member of the working group and mentor of the three-day APEC Business Ethics for SME Forum since 2012. It’s tough from the outset as it was a small group of trainers and therefore required high involvement from mem- bers. My role varied every year, working with members and mentors and taking on speaking, training and facilitating responsibilities. This year, the APEC Business Ethics for SME Forum was held in Japan and the theme was Promoting a Code of Ethics – Identifying the Relevant Stake- holders. I was a speaker at the opening and closing Japanese sessions and was also involved with mentor assignment and tables. I would say this was the most sustainable meeting I have (been part of), and I am so happy to see our group growing stronger with more members. For years, we worked hard on promot- ing the Code of Practice and were re- warded by more Asian countries joining us. The Philippines issued an Administra- tive Order for the code in 2014. Recently, Does HKAPI have a major annual con- ference that brings international phar- maceutical professionals together? We seldom do but our members may work with different associations to hold theirs. We may also support related conferences. For instance, the Pharmaceutical Society of Hong Kong will host the 2020 Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations Congress, drawing 2,200 delegates. HKAPI will definitely support it and details of our involvement are usu- ally announced at a later stage. Hong Kong has risen higher in status as a medical hub in Asia due to her high compliance with the code of practice. HKAPI has laid down standards for all medical conferences held in Hong Kong. We produce and distribute unbiased promotional leaflets and advertisements to prevent patients from being affected by inaccurate, outdated or missing infor- mation (regarding medicine). Also, we specify that medical conferences cannot take place in resorts where gaming op- portunities are present. member categories have become more diversified, attracting law firms, device companies, communications, researchers, PR firms and even local big companies. We hope they provide better services for our members, and understand us more through HKAPI (and the) platform (we provide) for training and exchange of best practices and experience. Since HKAPI also focuses on intellec- tual property such as patents, members like Baker & McKenzie has helped us a lot on law-related discussions.