TS1_Hands On

TRAINING SESSION 01 HANDS ON ENERGY ‘Hands On’ is a term used for three foot guard. This session will develop discipline in the skill of ‘hands on’ by taking you through the steps to ensure players understand the importance of pressure over the ball. It is vital that you as a coach include this discipline of hands on in other sessions so players are constantly reminded. Remember pressure over ENERGY the ball enables other team members to gain ‘possession’. 1. Jog and stretch (10 minutes) START START 2. Sprints (5 minutes) In relay form, the opposite corners are in the same team. Player sprints diagonal, across, diagonal, across then diagonal and tags the next person. Then repeat. Go through three times. 3. In a Space (10 minutes) ENERGY • Players stand in a space of their own. • Have player moving on the spot facing you, making sure their eyes are up. • When coach calls out ‘STOP’ players jump back three feet, then hands on. Make sure distance before hands. • Get them to hold for three seconds, then move on the spot again. • After some practice at this include movement. • When coach calls out ‘STOP’ get players to take two steps forward out to the right then back three feet and hands on. • Two feet to the left • Four feet to the right. • Four feet to the left. © Energy Netball 2009, All Rights Reserved | www.energynetball.com.au