Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 40

No.127 The Trusty Servant Dates for your Diary 2019: 21st – 26th May: Wykeham Patrons’ trip to Saxony. 14th June – Parents’ Summer Drinks Party: at Winchester Guildhall. 15th June – Winchester Match: ticketed lunch on New Field 29th June – Julian Smith Memorial Service: Chapel. 6th July – Domum Dinner for parents. 14th September – Goddard Day: in Winchester. 8th October – Trant’s 150th Reunion: at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London. 2020: 14th October – OW Hurlingham Dinner: at the Hurlingham Club, London. 15th October – New Men & 2nd Year Parents’ Reception: at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London. 22nd October – OW Guilds Dinner: at the Cavalry & Guards Club, London 1st November – OW Bristol & Bath Dinner: at the Merchant Venturers Hall, Bristol. 12th November – Hopper’s 150th Reunion: at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London. 21st November – Wykeham Patrons Dinner: in London location tbc. 8th December – Advent Carol Service: in Chapel. 13th December – Illumina: in Meads. OW battlefield tour to Arnhem and Nijmegen Operation Market-Garden. 17th January – Under 25s Dinner: at the Army & Navy Club, London. 26th February – OW Drinks Reception: at the Merchant Taylors’ Hall, London. 30th April – 60+ Years-on Lunch: at the Cavalry & Guards Club, London. 12th – 15th May – OW Battlefield Tour Arnhem. 20th June – Winchester Match 4th July – Domum Dinner for parents. You can register and pay online for events. All payments are processed through Blackbaud Merchant Services, which ensures that the highest levels of security are applied. You need to be a registered user of the website to book online for events. New user registrations can take up to two days to be processed if registration is completed over a weekend. Register at PRIVACY STATEMENT The personal details you supply will be used only by Winchester College and Winchester College Society and, upon appropriate application from its membership, in order to send you information on activities, events and fundraising appeals, that we think will be of interest to you. Winchester will not share your data with third parties except where required to do so by law. The school may engage third parties to undertake fundraising or research on our behalf. Any such companies are acting as agents of Winchester and as such the school retains full responsibility for your personal data. Old Wykehamists can update their contact details using the profile form available at To access the site use the login/register button at the top of the homepage. Alternatively email wincollsoc@wincoll. We would like to ensure that we keep you updated with relevant information. If you do not wish to receive specific information from us, please email wincollsoc@ or call +44 (0)1962 621217 and we will update your preferences. If you change your mind in the future please either send an email or call +44 (0)1962 621217. To read the extended Privacy Statement please go to the ‘QUICK LINKS’ section of the website, Following on from the success of the Great War battlefield tours, MDW and JGW will now be looking at the campaigns of the Second World War, once again explaining the battles through the experiences of those Wykehamists who fought and died in these battles. Based in the town of Arnhem, we will not only look at the fighting around the historic bridge and the drop zones, but also at the role of XXX Corps, and its spearhead Guards Armoured Division, trying to fight its way from Lommel through Eindhoven and Nijmegen to the bridge at Arnhem. Wykehamists served in 1st Airborne and in Guards Armoured Divisions. Seven lost their lives, three with the Guards and four with the Paras. It is a battle often characterised as a ‘heroic disaster’. As ever, we will examine the facts behind such perceptions. The trip will be from Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th May 2020 inclusive. To secure a place, a £50 deposit per person should be sent to Winchester College Society. 40