Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 39

No.127 The Trusty Servant 60+ Years-on Reunion Lunch for the Classes of ’59 & earlier, 2 nd April 2019: 85 members of the senior cohort of OWs gathered for lunch in the grand surroundings of the Cavalry & Guards Club’s Coffee Room, with a stunning view looking over Green Park. They were addressed by Nick Ferguson (C, 61-66) for the home team and Peter Stormonth Darling (C, 45-50) replied on behalf of the guests, the last of whom left the premises at 4.15pm. William Michael, Derek Edwards, John Willmer Godfrey Hodgson, Andrew Smithers Tim Milligan, David Hunter Peter Loveday, David R Hannay Progress on Western Front Way: Alexander Douglas Gillespie's inspired vision War Cloister Angel Gate The bronze guardian angels on War Cloister gates were created by Arthur Morgan (Director of Art School, 80–04) in 1998 to replace the originals which had been stolen sometime in the 1960s. For reasons he cannot recall, he did not take a cast for himself at the time and then it was discovered his moulds had been lost by the foundry. By courtesy of Win Coll he has very recently had new moulds made so that he can at last have an angel of his own. Casts can now be made to order at £3,250, with 20% going towards War Cloister. OWs interested should contact Arthur Morgan direct: By the end of May all the WFW route in Belgium mapped and signs on the ground will follow shortly. Mapping the Northern France section - probably North of Albert - should be completed in the same period or swiftly thereafter. Exactly how these maps will be published - both digitally and on paper - is still to be finalised but info will be on the website: So, if you're looking to take a stroll this summer, Flanders awaits! The rest of the route, all the way from Switzerland, should be mapped by the end of the year. 39