Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 36

No.127 Ewan Evans, William Passmore, Joshua Jones The Trusty Servant Under 25s Dinner, Friday 18 th January: 41 young OWs attended a splendid dinner at the Army & Navy Club and were welcomed by Michael Wallis. Mrs Lucia Quinault, English Don since 2001, was guest speaker. Calum Barnes, upcoming Head of DT, and John Brooks, MFL Chief Technician, also represented the school. Michael Hargrove, Sholto Douglas William Ashford, Lucia Quinault, Max Cheung Chawker’s 150th Celebration, Tuesday 5 th February 2019: 217 Chawkerites, including immaculately behaved current men of VI Book 1, gathered at the lovely Merchant Taylors’ Hall to mark the 150th Anniversary of Hawkins’, twice the number who had dined at the House of Commons in 1969. James Hodgins, the Housemaster, welcomed the guests, and in particular the Sen Man Major General Stuart Watson (36-41), and was followed by Malcolm Borthwick (52-56), who replied on the guests’ behalf. ‘Domum’ was sung with great gusto. A most memorable evening, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Jo Letty (Matron), Patrick Walker, Lekan Olagunju REA Younger (79-84), ASR Younger (76-81), JEG Younger (69–74), CGA Younger (69-74) Stuart and Angus Watson 36 Malcolm Borthwick