Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 35

No.127 advance of the planned visit, or by Friday midday for weekends: 01962 621227 or They should arrive at the Porters’ Lodge and not enter by any other gate and will be asked to produce identification and sign the OW or Don Soc visitors books; they will be issued with a The Trusty Servant visitor’s badge and lanyard, to be worn conspicuously during their visit, please, and returned as they leave through the same gate. They will also be given a map showing the areas of the school that may be visited. Safeguarding and Child Protection regulations become ever tighter and OWs and ex-staff are no longer allowed to come and go at will. If you wish to visit a boarding house, please make contact with the housemaster well in advance to see if this is possible and please do not turn up on the doorstep unannounced. Recent Win Coll Soc Events Bangkok Dinner. Charlie Garnjana-Goonchorn reports: On 2 nd August 2018, a group of OWs in Thailand attended our annual OW dinner (which in recent years has been a curry night). Unfortunately, no hot was held this year, probably owing to too much curry. Participants, plus a handful of spouses, were: Korn Chatikavanij (D, 78-82), Kraisiri Chatikavanij (D, 14-19), Charlie Garnjana-Goonchorn (I, 94-99), Thuchakorn Vachiramon (I, 97-02), Jak Cholvijarn (D, 95-00), Vorachuck Bunthuwong (D, 96-01), Saran Kiratibutr Wanglee (I, 95- 00), James Lawden (K, 69-73), Mate Teeraniti (K, 08-13), Meen Teeraniti (C, 06-08), Gunn Teeraniti (Coll, 07-09), Mek Sribhibhadh (D, 12-14), Pasapas Uahwatanasakul (E, 12- 17), Hugh Chua (D, 12-17), Petan Kullavanijaya (C, 12-17), Pira Kullavanijaya (E, 14-19). Our date for 2019 is 1st August, interested OWs and current men can contact me on to join or to ask for more information. Manchester Pizza Evening: On Thursday 8 th November the inaugural OW pizza night for those studying at Manchester was held in a restaurant just off Piccadilly Gardens.  Louis Russell (A, 11-16) organised it and six other OWs attended. Hopefully the first of many! First HK OW gathering of the year. Alex Kaung (A, 86-91) reports:  I just wanted to give you a quick update about the first HK OWG gathering which we had last night, 16 th January, which was at the horse races in Happy Valley. Donald Man (E, 90-95) kindly booked us a private room in the Owners’ Box and we had around twenty people in attendance, some first timers. A good time was had by all and some people even left with winnings. L-R back row: Keith Hariman (B, 01-06), Adrian Yam (F, 13-18), Justin Li (F,11-16), Woody Chan (F, 07-12), Fergus Fung (E, 89-94), Gavin Wong (E, 92-97), Mark Lee (F, 90-95), Terris Tang (96-01), Roy Lam (E, 94-96), Julian Lim (A, 88-93), Paul Tao (I, 80-85) and Simon Gardner (A, 86-91). Front row: Donald Man (E, 90-95), Alex Kaung (A, 86-91), Howard Wong (F, 85-90), Keith Pusey (Co Ro, 84-12) and Jeremy Lightfoot (H, 00-02) Not shown: Dennis Wong (E, 89-94). 35