Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 34

No.127 The Trusty Servant Winchester College Society Office Donovan’s 73 Kingsgate Street Winchester SO23 9PE Telephone 01962 621217 E-mail: Web site: Directors: Lorna Stoddart Alex Roe (G, 72-75) Deputy Director: Tamara Templer Don Associate: Michael Wallis (also Director of The Friends) The Council Nat Hone (F, 68-72) Alex Roe (G, 72-75) – Director of Win Coll Soc Winston Ginsberg (I, 81-85) Henry Knapman (B, 86-91 – Chairman Caspar Uniacke (H, 86-91) Guy Pascoe (I, 86-91) David Hogan-Hern (Coll, 94-99) Freddie Bjorn (H, 95-00) Conrad Griffin (I, 04-09) Dr Tim Hands – Headmaster Lorna Stoddart – Director of Development Tamara Templer – Deputy Director of Development Michael Wallis – Don Associate and Director of The Friends Ten Sen Men MJP Martin DFC AFC (F, 32-38) PNB Howell (D, 32-38) Prof JC Dancy (Coll, 33-39) Revd CG Pilkington (E, 34-39) The Hon NHC Bruce (D, 34-39) Professor HB Barlow FRS (I, 35-39) Dr DH Malan (Coll, 35-40) Sir Roger Du Boulay KCVO CMG (Coll, 35-40) Major General HSR Watson CBE (F, 36-41) A Hanbury (K, 36-40) Please come to Winchester Match on 15 th June This is the main opportunity for OWs of all ages, past parents, former dons and members of staff to visit the school and to be royally welcomed, fed and watered, with a heavily- subsidised lunch in the Win Coll Soc marquee next to Hunter Tent. At 12 noon, the Headmaster will welcome guests with an update on the Kingsgate Park Project and the launch of the fundraising campaign for the new Sports Centre. If you have not already registered for lunch, you will find an invitation together with a reply form enclosed with this issue, giving full details about the day; alternatively, please register and pay on the Win Coll Soc website: Keeping connected: Personal Information Forms… We recently sent out a personal information form to all OWs requesting that you update your details and asking if you might be able to help the Careers Department. We have had an excellent response, with over 2600 OWs having responded so far; over 1000 of you have kindly offered to help with careers advice. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop: it helps ensure we invite you to the right events and keep you informed about the things in which you are interested. If you have not already completed the form, please either return it by post or visit our website and fill in your details there. Follow the quick link on our homepage. 34 …LinkedIn We would be grateful if all those OWs who use LinkedIn could make sure that you have joined the Old Wykehamist Network, currently containing 1,345 members; and please could you also join a relevant OW Guild subgroup. OWs update their profiles rather more readily than informing this office and LinkedIn is a useful way for me to find OWs to help with providing careers advice for current boys, among other things. Goddard Legacy Society In an effort to maximise the capital available to finance bursaries, we remain keen to increase the number of legacies kindly pledged to the school in OW wills. The school shows its appreciation by offering free membership of the Goddard Legacy Society, which currently has about 255 members. The Society has a well attended annual lunch in Winchester in September each year, following a service in Chapel, and we have recently introduced a reception in London about every two years. It is also hoped that the current membership will encourage others to join. Please contact Patrick Walker (I, 65-70) if you would like to discuss this further or 01962 621216. Visiting Win Coll - security arrangements OWs and Don Soc members are most welcome, but we have been asked by the Security Committee to remind those who wish to visit the school (other than for an event, when the instructions issued may be different, or when visiting as a spectator at matches) that they must contact the Porters’ Lodge to check whether the school is open for visitors. This should be done at least 24 hours in