Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 33

No.127 James Christopher de Courcy Scott (E, 69-74) died 28.11.2018. Grandson of JS (D, 1890-95). Cox VIII 1974. He had a large respect for his Housemaster, Michael Burchnall, and commissioned and funded a plaque now placed in Chantry Cloister. College of Law, Guildford. He qualified as a solicitor first with Lloyds & Son at Leominster and then with Kitson and Trotman at Beaminster. In 1988 he set up his own practice, James Scott, at Tetbury 1988-2007. In the early days he often supported those who found themselves in police-station cells. He loved the cut and thrust of the Law – its intricacies and challenges. He moved to Crete in 2007, learned modern Greek and built a house. After his return to the United Kingdom, he worked as a consultant with Ambrose Appelbe of Lincoln’s Inn in 2010. He owned good National Hunt horses, enjoyed his shooting and playing cricket. He and his wife were joint churchwardens at Maperton from 2011, throwing themselves into the well-being of the church’s fabric and ministry. The refurbishment of the interior, re-roofing and restoration of stained glass windows at an astonishing cost of £200,000 was met by their efforts, including the founding of the Claude Nicholson (G, 1912-17) Lecture (he was the Brigade Commander responsible for holding out at the siege of Calais 1940.). On Remembrance Sunday, just two weeks before he died, he led the service and gave the sermon, about ‘The Little Things, the Great Things and the Opportunity’ coalescing as ‘Patriotism, a winning card’. He was a member of the OW Lodge, rising to be Master in 1988 and subsequently Secretary 1995- 02 when he organised the Lodge’s dinners: he was appointed to the London Grand Rank for his charitable work. He was so traditional, ‘ever the gentleman’ – when he was committed you could depend on him. Married (1) 1991 Sarah White (marriage dissolved) and (2) 2011 Olivia Butler-Madden who survives him. The Trusty Servant Edwin Francis Day (H, 76-81): died 29.8.2018. Brother of JED (E, 76-81). Co Prae. Before going to Oxford he spent time in Paris where he was awarded a degree at Sorbonne University. Scholarship, New College where he studied Latin and Medieval French. He worked in insurance and became a members agent with Lloyd’s during what was to become a period of great turmoil in that great financial market. His last years were difficult with increasing health problems. Married 2012 Samantha Little, who survives him. Andrew Charles Parsons (E, 80-84): died in Geelong, Australia 20.1.19. Brother of CJP (E, 86-90). St Andrew’s University 1985-89, 2.1 Arabic. After two years teaching English in Japan, he joined Shell and had a successful career in finance and project management in postings around the world, including Gabon, Oman, Sakhalin, France, the Netherlands and Australia. At the time of his death he was completing work on the massive Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) facility now on location off North-East Australia. Prelude is the largest vessel in the world, equivalent in displacement to the six largest US aircraft carriers combined. He was a very talented linguist (he spoke seven languages), musician and cook. He also loved the countryside and enjoyed surfing and scuba-diving. He was also a good skier. Married 1992 Julie Carne, who survives him with their son and daughter. We are aware of the following deaths which will be covered in the next issue of the Trusty Servant: Peter John Gwyn (Co Ro, 64-76) died 27.3.2019 Peter Jocelyn Everett (Coll, 39-43) died 24.3.2019 Nigel Bingham Egerton Helme (F, 39-43) died 13.9.2017 Charles Barnard Loewen (B, 45-50) died 16.3.2019 33 Ian Dudley Teesdale (A, 44-49) died 26.2.2019 Timothy Boulton (B, 46-51) died 10.3.2019 Walter Evelyn Fraser Oakeshott (F, 47-52) died 16.10. 2017 David James Thouless (Coll, 47-52) died 6.4.2019 Anthony Cowburn Whitaker died 26.3.2019 Andrew Walter Loraine Paterson (A, 47-52) died 10.2.2019 Peter Nicholas Breyfogle (C, 49-54) died 22.11.2018 Andrew Campbell Gulland (K, 51-56) died 9.3.2019 Martin Shaun Laing (D, 52-57) died 29.3.2019 Benjamin Robert Hamilton-Baillie (C, 68-73) died 3.3.2019 Andrew Nigel Murray Longmore (A, 67-71) died 11.4.19 Errata TS 123 Robert David Sheaf (E, 39-43): correct date of death 29.11.2016 TS 126 James (not John) Harrison Thresher (Coll, 43-48) Simon Matthew Gordon-Clark (G, 51-55): Add: For over 50 years he was a member of the St Paul’s Knightsbridge Festival Choir. He was an unofficial C of E representative in Angola, visiting several times including for the dedication of a new Episcopal Palace. He acquired A-level Portuguese in his seventies in order to better fill the role. TS 126 Peter Edward Hornby (A, 51-56) correct date of death 26.11.2014 TS 127 Charles Anthony Rutter (K, 47-48) is included in the obituaries above thanks to the dedicated research by Richard Stevens (Coll, 56-61) aided and abetted by PSWKM (I, 52-57).